Light sheet meeting in Sheffield

Everardo and Alexis will be giving talks at the LSFM 2016 conference in Sheffield.200x200_LSFM2016_logo_endEverardo will talk about multi view stacks registration whereas will talk about the application of light sheet microscopy to study plant development.

Thrilled to attend this meeting and discuss with everyone in this light sheet community. It is always a vibrant meeting.

EMBO course on live Imaging of plants 2016

Amaya and Alexis spend the whole last week at EMBL for the EMBO Plant live Imaging Course. The course was a real success  with an amazing speaker lists and a lot of time for practicals and data analysis.

Supported by D. von Wangenheim (IST, austria) we could use lightsheet microscopes to look at plant development. We had two devices at our disposal: the Zeiss Lightsheet Z1 and our home built OpenSPIM.

EMBO Practical Course in vivo Plant Imaging EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 24 Apr - 1 May 2016
EMBO Practical Course in vivo Plant Imaging
EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 24 Apr – 1 May 2016

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New post doc to join the lab!

IMG_2894Marion Louveaux joined the lab mid of February. Marion obtained her PhD in the lab of Olivier Hamant and Arezki Boudaoud at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France) studying the role of mechanical stress to cell division plane orientation at the shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis thaliana. We are thrilled to welcome her in the team.


Paper on lateral root morphodynamics is out!


Our work on the pattern of cell divisions during lateral root formation has now been published in Current Biology.

We are thrilled by this paper that concretises several years of work to combine high resolution light sheet imaging of root with quantitative analysis together with modelling. This sets the cap for the direction the lab is taking on this topic. As importantly, this has been a very fruitful collaboration and a great team effort with Daniel von Wangenheim and Alexander Schmitz (Stelzer lab, Uni Frankfurt).

Link to the paper.

Bonus: daniel has created a video abstract: