The lab August 2022. Back row, left to irght: Changzheng, Marcel, Alexis, Michael, Barbara, Tomi & Harshita. Front row: Jazmin and Juan

Alexis Maizel (PI)

email – ORCID ID – +49 6221 54 6456

Alexis obtained his PhD in 2002 from the René Descartes University and Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris (France). After a post-doc in San Diego (Salk Institute, USA) and in Tübingen (Max Planck Institute for developmental Biology, Germany), he was appointed in 2006 as CNRS staff scientist at the Plant Science Institute on the CNRS Campus of Gif-sur-Yvette. Since 2010 he is at the Center for Organismal Studies of the Heidelberg University, first as an independent group leader and now as a professor.

Michael Stitz (Postdoc)


Michaël did his PhD in Jena at the MPI for chemical ecology. He is a joint postdoc with the Gaquerel lab and is looking at the metabolomics of lateral root formation.

Jazmín Reyes-Hernández (Postdoc)


Jazmin comes from Mexico and did her PhD at the Institute of Biotechnology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico under the supervision of Joseph Dubrovsky. She showed how the transition from a root indeterminate to determinate growth in Arabidopsis depends on folate.

Marcel Piepers (PhD)


Marcel comes from Wageningen (Netherland) where he obtained his Master degree. He worked with Sacco de Vries and with us for his thesis. Beyond plant development and imaging, his interests lay in music and graphic design.

Tomas Tessi (postdoc)


Tomas is a native of Cordoba in Argentina. He originally trained as a chemist and discovered his interest in biology. During his PhD he studied how transport of cytokinins affects root development. In addition, he is an avid tennis player.

Juan Li (postdoc)


Juan obtained her PhD at Wuhan University (China) studying root growth and has been working as a researcher at the Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She will be spending a year with us thanks to the support of the China Scholarship Council.

Changzheng Song (postdoc)


Changzheng obtained his doctoral degree from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of China and then worked as a lab manager in China before moving to Heidelberg. He first work at COS in the labs of our colleagues R. Hell and T. Greb before joining us.

Harshita Singh (postdoc)


Harshita comes from Blue city (Jodhpur, India) and did her doctoral thesis on “Rice crown root development” under the supervision of Shri Ram Yadav at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. She is interested in adult plant stem cells and loves reading fiction.

Barbara Jesenofsky (Technician)

email – +49 6221 54-5614

Christina Godel (administration)

email – +49 6221 545656

Mina Mohring (administration FOR2581)

email – +49 6221 546154

Former Lab Members


Virginie Jouannet (PhD student)


Andreas Bernreiter (Post-doc)


Ana-Beatriz Moreno (Post-doc)


Nicolas Mattes (Msc thesis)

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 08.42.23

Sara Doppler (HiWi/Bsc thesis)


Gauri Tarle (PhD student)

photo Ira

Ira Mägele (Research technician & lab manager)


Eva Stauffer (Post-doc)


Patrick von Born (Msc thesis)


Yaroslav Panfilov (Msc thesis)

Jens Fangerau (Scientist)

Mouli Ghosh Dastidar (PhD)

Martin Schubert (Msc thesis)

Everardo González Ávalos  (Postdoc)

Andrea Scarpa (PhD)

Lotte Bald (Lab manager)

Paola Ruiz-Duarte  (Research technician)

Marcel Piepers  (Msc)

Marion Louveaux (Postdoc)

Amaya Vilches-Barro (PhD, postdoc)


Mayra Lopez (visiting PhD student)

Mayra comes from Mexico. She was trained as a molecular biologist and biochemist  at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos and obtained her M. Sc. at the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Zhaoxue Ma (Postdoc)


Béatrice Berthet  (PhD)

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