Resources for online teaching

While experimenting with how I would move my teaching to asynchronous online lectures, I have tested several solutions. To save others some work and unnecessary trial-and-errors, I created a series of video summarizing what I am using. The videos cover:

  • Part 1: How to create recordings of lectures using OBS
  • Part 2: How to edit
  • Part 3: How to compress
  • Part 4: How to upload/share them via Moodle
  • Part5: Jazz up your recordings with a green screen

These videos and the ones to come are available as a combined playlist on the lab Youtube channel:

Feel free to distribute the link [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA0Rl-NSNsPHQ5LQ844FlPkiGtjqGTCdQ].


The lab is involved in the following teaching activities:

In theĀ Biowissenschaften Bachelor, we offer a seminar “Planning Scientific Work”, lectures and practical on root anatomy during the Grundkurse as well as an Hauptpraktikum. We also host students for their Bsc thesis.
In the Molecular Biosciences master program we are active in the Molecular Plant Sciences, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology and Molecular Cell Biology majors. We offer lectures on Plant developmental genetics, Morphogenesis as well as practicals. We also host students for their rotations and Msc thesis.
HBIGS Graduate Program
In HBIGS, we offer a practical course on Light-sheet Imaging.

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