New publications!

Happy to release two new manuscripts from the lab:

GreenGate 2.0:

Our additions to the Modular Cloning system GreenGate allows the easy assembly and stacking of complex transcriptional units.

See the paper here.

Modelling the auxin dynamics and mechanics of lateral root initiation:

We show that the growth of pericycle cells is initially limited by the endodermis, resulting in a modest initial growth. However, this modest growth is sufficient to redirect auxin to the overlying endodermis, which then actively accommodates the growth, allowing for the subsequent development of the lateral root.

See the preprint here.

New manuscript!

Very happy to see our work on the metabolic control of lateral root initiation published.

Michael and collaborators figured out that the formation of lateral roots requires a switch to glycolytic metabolism and a tight control of the translation of key auxin-induced transcription factors by the TOR kinase complex. This important work is accessible here.

Below the press release of the university about it:


Welcome to Joseph & Anamarija

Today is a special day: we welcome two new members!

Prof. Joseph Dubrovsky (Autonomous University of Mexico) will spend his sabbatical year with us.

Anamarija Primc returns to us after staying in Spain and Munich to continue her MSc project, now as a PhD student.

Welcome Anamarija and welcome Joseph!

New preprint!

How an in house collaboration makes you look at your pet system differently and takes you out of your comfort zone. With the lab of E. Gaquerel we asked: how does Arabidopsis match the formation of lateral root with the metabolic resources required?

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