Resources for online teaching

The Covid-19 outbreak has catalysed the need to be able to teach online. Yet, reinventing oneself in a professional YouTuber is not something done in one night. Heidelberg university has made a lot of tools and some resources available for online teaching on a short time, this was a great starting point. However most to all of these helps where in German and did not cover all needs.

While experimenting how I would move my lectures to asynchronous online lectures, I have tested several solutions and created a series of video tutorials in English that cover:

  • Part 1: How to create recordings of lectures using open source, free, cross-plateform software OBS
  • Part 2: How to edit
  • Part 3: How to compress
  • Part 4: How to upload/share them via Moodle

These videos and the ones to come are available on the lab Youtube channel:

Feel free to distribute these links.