Visit of very young researchers

[singlepic id=61 w=450] A group of 5/6-year old from a local preschool visited COS to discover what is research in biology.
The children observed flies, plants and anemones. They mixed and unmixed colors and even extracted DNA from tomato!
Their visit was a real success. The children, the teachers and the COS members were thrilled by the event.
This event built upon a teaching concept developed by Yohanns Bellaïche (Institut Curie, France) and curated by the Cercle FSER.
A huge thanks goes to: Marion Louveaux, Paola Ruiz Duarte, Emmanuel Gaquerel, Zheni Li, Olympe Grandcolas, Andrea Leibfried, Julie Carnesecchi, Katrin Domsch, Victor Jones, Marie Jacobovitz, Diana Bryant  and Gideon Bergheim for making this event possible.

Some images of the event:
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